Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, Recipient of Hillary's Pied Piper Candidate Strategy


"What was not often acknowledged in Trump's heated race against Democrat Hillary Clinton, however, was how her campaign fueled his rise to power."

---Salon Magazine, November 9, 2016


There is a memorandum, sent through the email to the DNC by Hillary Clinton for America's Marissa Astor, assistant to campaign manager Robbie Mook, that included a document titled 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates. The subject line called for a conference call about strategy at 8:00 AM the following Friday.

The document has been nicknamed The Pied Piper Candidate Strategy. If it wasn't for Wikileaks receiving the stolen emails of the Chairman of Hillary's campaign, John Podesta, we might never have learned the role Hillary's campaign, and the role the Mainstream Media (MSM), played in getting Donald Trump nominated for President by the Republican Party. Hillary Clinton had some serious problems as she contemplated running for President in early 2015. Her time as First Lady, particularly trying to overhaul medical insurance, and her being recently mired in an investigation about how Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) got on her illegal private email server when she was Secretary of State, had left her with high "unfavorables." In fact, Hillary was running at 57% unfavorables. This made her a weak candidate.

With the evidence that has emerged recently of the draft letter of exoneration that FBI Director James Comey was preparing months before he formally exonerated Hillary of violating the Espionage Act by being grossly negligent with classified information, Hillary had no fear of being indicted. The whole affair would look bad. It is like that slang the political junkies and nerds use, "bad optics." The whole "email problem" did not help Hillary's high unfavorable rating. If the MSM hadn't called the FBI investigation an "Email Investigation," and called it an "Espionage Investigation," Hillary's unfavorables would start heading for the stratosphere.

Hillary went to work on her problem of high unfavorables in 2015. Hillary's solution to her high unfavorables was not to work at relating better with average people. Hillary didn't take any seminars about how to develop a more pleasing and attractive personality. Instead, Hillary came up with an alternative plan. Before I get into the details about the plan, and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she executed the plan, I want to advise the reader not to blame me if they think the plan sounds unbelievable, or even stupid. It wasn't my plan. I'm not responsible for it being unbelievable, or even stupid. I'm just reporting about my analysis of the plan. One thing all of you should realize, it kind of worked, but just not the way Hillary planned it. The MSM pitched in and worked their tails off for Hillary, too, but for the reason of preserving their faux professional ethics they refuse to take credit. The media also do not want to take the blame for helping to elect Trump, which was unintentional on their part. The blunder haunts all of them to this very day, and they spend a lot of air time getting even by blindly attacking Trump, giving him more air time than ever, not to mention risking provoking public sympathy for Trump. The media are so clueless that they don't realize that Trump loves watching them visibly writhe in pain. He rubs it in every chance he gets, provoking them like Pavlov's dogs. Now, post-election, the media can't cover Girl Scouts selling cookies, or some dog show, without using the occasion to attack Trump. Sportscasters do it right in the middle of football games, that is how bad it is.

For those who don't like the media, this makes us very happy. The bulk of the MSM have been in perceptible pain since Hillary was defeated by Trump in November 2016. It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.



 Let's all be honest. We all know the MSM loved Hillary Clinton. Her non-media supporters typically do not want to admit that the majority of the MSM supported Hillary, but the evidence clearly indicates that they did support her, and most of that evidence also confirms that the media carried out Hillary's Pied Piper Strategy during the campaign for the Republican nomination for President. Why I have to keep reminding people that no one can run for President until a party nominates them is beyond me, but millions seem to forget that fact. It was during the race among 17 candidates for the Republican Party's nomination for President that we see overwhelming evidence that the MSM executed Hillary's Pied Piper Candidate Strategy. As we will see, the Pied Piper Candidate memo explicitly called for the MSM to execute the main part of the strategy. This part of the strategy called for the MSM to "elevate" Trump, once the Hillary campaign settled on one of three "Pied Pipers." It is reasonable to determine the chosen "Pied Piper" by determining which Republican got the most news coverage while others were left to wither on the vine. To elevate a "Pied Piper"the MSM would have to spend an inordinate amount of print space and air time covering the "Pied Piper's" campaign for the Republican nomination. There is a lot of evidence out there that this is exactly what happened, and the Republican getting the most media coverage was Donald J. Trump, hands down. We will see these statistics that leave out even a shadow of a doubt.

Spend any time in the DNC or John Podesta stolen emails at Wikileaks and there are examples of reporters and editors bending over backwards to assist Hillary's campaign. The Pied Piper Candidate memo explicitly called for the DNC and Hillary campaign to enlist members of "the press" to elevate the chosen "Pied Piper" so that candidate would get the GOP nomination. Just because the MSM failed to get Hillary elected is irrelevant. By executing Pied Piper, the media succeeded in getting Donald J. Trump nominated as Trump was the one the Hillary campaign determined would be easiest for Hillary to defeat.

Hillary was very familiar with Donald Trump. The Trumps and Clintons socialized for many years after the Bill Clinton won the Presidency in 1992. Trump's daughter Ivanka, and Hillary's daughter Chelsea, are good friends. Trump has praised Hillary and Bill Clinton many times, and these remarks are captured on video and available on YouTube. Trump is a distant cousin of Hillary. Trump, in the past, identified as a liberal, or "progressive" Democrat, and socialized with Democrats like Senator Charles Schumer and New York Governor Mario Cuomo. Hillary was very familiar with Trump's personality, and it is not the personality of a professional politician that checks majority opinion and feelings before taking a position, and, most importantly, tries not to alienate any groups of voters. Controversy and turmoil roil around Donald Trump. The billionaire is an ANTI-politician. This point is the most important in determining where the Pied Piper Strategy might have miscalculated that Trump was the ideal "Pied Piper." The people were ready for an ANTI-politiican, sort of like Hillary's 2008 tormentor, Barack Obama, who had very little political experience, and Bernie Sanders, Hillary's 2016 tormentor. The trend Hillary missed was, millions on the left and the right were ready for someone who did not represent the orthodox politician in either party. Hillary was far from an ANTI-politician, but Donald Trump is a prototype ANTI-politician. Hillary saw Trump as the most obvious ANTI-politician of the three potential Republican Pied Pipers, and made Trump the ideal "Pied Piper" in her mind. This is why the media gave inordinate print space and air time to Trump throughout the primary campaign for the GOP nomination.

Hillary chose Donald Trump as the "Pied Piper."

The Pied Piper Strategy identified three potential GOP Presidential nominees as the kind of candidates that Hillary Clinton, with all of her baggage, could defeat in the general election, once Hillary managed to deal with Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic Party nomination for President. Hillary's three potential "Pied Pipers" were Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Donald Trump. When analyzing media coverage of the GOP field of 17 candidates, that included governors of large population states like Ohio and New Jersey, Trump topped them all in total MSM coverage in broadcast time and print media. That was no accident, as the Pied Piper Candidate memo stated the following:

"We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to (take) them seriously."

There is documentation of several kinds that the mainstream media "elevated" Trump just as Hillary's strategy required. What follows is all the supporting documentation, starting with the statistics of the air time given to Trump, as opposed to Hillary, by CBS, ABC, and NBC news organizations, as reported by the Tyndall Report Web site.



Total Minutes on Air














Trump had double the air time of even Hillary during the campaign. Just look at those numbers. Trump coverage since 2016 has been all-consuming to the media, something like CNN's 24x7 coverage of the missing Malaysian airliner. The networks continue to be obsessed with him, like some junkie on Oxycodone. This is all free airtime for the billionaire. In 2016, the media ridiculed Trump for not spending the same amount on his campaign as Hillary, who gushed out $1.2 billion in a losing effort. Why should Trump spend his own money when he was getting free air time from the "Pied Piper" television networks?

During the campaign for the Republican nomination, some people in the media noticed the Mainstream Media's obsession with the bombastic billionaire. Ron Elving of National Public Radio certainly noticed this, writing this piece for the August 11, 2016 NPR Web site, Why are the Media Obsessed With Trump's Controversies and not Clinton's? Below is the most telling quote by Elving.

"It surely does seem that, at times, the news is all about Trump. This has been a common impression, and complaint, throughout the presidential campaigns. In the primary season, cable news often carried Trump's boisterous rally speeches in their entirety, whle other hopefuls struggled for any air time at all."

Note Elving's reference to all these televised Trump rallies during the primary season, the campaign for the GOP nomination. None of the other candidates, including successful GOP governor of Ohio, John Kasich, got nearly that much coverage. Below is a chart showing how much air time Kasich received while campaigning for the GOP nomination against Trump.

Talk about "struggling for coverage," this is all the media could produce to cover a successful two-term governor of Ohio running for President? Kasich's announcement of his candidacy were two of the stories. I mean, how much more of a joke can this be? By May 2016, the media are asking Kasich if he will run as an independent, and not a Republican, conceding the nomination to Trump two months before the GOP convention. That story hardly counts as a plus for Kasich. It's reinforcement that it is everyone's waste of time to support Kasich as Trump is inevitable. For the entire campaign for the GOP nomination all we heard from the MSM was, "Trump this. Trump that. Trump something else. Trump. Trump. Trump. Trump." The media harped and obsessed over the unorthodox billionaire.

What article about the Trump and Media relationship would be complete without including some words of wisdom from the CNN reporter who covered Trump on the campaign, from the nomination to the Presidential campaign, and who became the first reporter to be thrown out of a room in the White House by Trump ("OUT!"), the one and only "Jumpin" Jim Acosta?" I just love these people. They are so entertaining in their fulminating. Acosta is a perfect example of someone who hates the way Trump acts, but can't see his own similarities with the billionaire. Acosta's emotional responses exactly mirror Trump's. The boorishness is evident, and so is Acosta's lack of decorum. Acosta has very similar emotional responses to Trump. Acosta has a hair trigger emotional response that borders on the primitive. There is no attempt to moderate his behavior to be in line with at least some degree of dignity and tempering his response to the situation, such as the President hosting a head of state from a foreign country. Acosta just lets everything hang out, like he has been around Trump too long, but not enough to refine his crassness as Trump has managed. It's like Trump and Acosta have a "Master and Grasshopper" relationship. Trump tries to show Acosta by example about how to be crass and pull it off. Acosta is just a slow learner, and it doesn't take much to trigger the reporter.

In the video below, we see, and hear, Acosta practically admit that CNN participated in the Pied Piper Strategy after some Trump supporters trigger him by heckling a CNN crew preparing to cover another Trump rally. Pay attention and you will hear Acosta throw in the faces of the hecklers all the free air time CNN gave Trump while the billionaire campaigned for the Republican nomination.




 The links below will enable the reader to do some of their own research. Suffice it to say that the evidence is solid that the Mainstream Media assisted Hillary in executing the Pied Piper Candidate Strategy. The strategy worked in getting Trump the nomination, but Hillary was wrong about her ability to defeat the billionaire. Other factors in addition to Trump being an ANTI-politician should also be considered`in`Hillary's defeat, but we will never know if Trump would have been nominated and elected if the media had not presented him with the gift of two billion-to-five billion dollars in free media time. The $2 billion figure is from an article in the New York Times, which is footnoted and linked below, while the $5 billion figure comes from The Street, with a footnote and link below. There is no other candidate from for the Republican nomination who got anywhere near Trump's level of free media coverage, which is why the billionaire only had to spend five dollars for each of his votes in the general election.

As of now, January 28, 2018, I am exercising rights under the Fair Use Doctrine of the Copyright statues. I am reproducing two graphs from the New York Times article mentioned above, and also footnoted and linked below, proving how the Mainstream Media provided Donald Trump with an overwhelming amount of free air time, as compared with what the MSM provided to his opponents in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. We already know that Trump was given over twice the free air time as what Hillary Clinton received in the general election. Now, does anyone in the media want to talk some more about "Russian Bots?" Do you really? How can you blame Russia for Hillary Clinton losing when you gave Trump all of this free air time just to get him nominated, and even more after he was nominated? Do you really think this had nothing to do with Trump getting elected? I don't think any of you could be more obvious in your desire to give Hillary Clinton the opponent she most desired, which turned out to be a big mistake on both her part and yours. Particularly yours, since you people decided you would continue to give Trump free air time in excess of two times what Hillary Clinton received from just the three original television news outlets, CBS, ABC, and NBC.



If this doesn't prove "Pied Piper" I don't know what will. The Russians did not do this. The MSM did it.

Russia did not get Trump elected. YOU DID, MAINSTREAM MEDIA! Now, when can we expect you to contact the Special Counsel investigating Russian influence in the election and confess that Trump got elected because YOU interfered in the election instead of just reporting about it? Somehow, I don't think the CIA will appreciate you people trying your hand at "Covert Operations." You aren't very good at therm.

Maybe we should all just stop now? It's only three more years, and don't forget, it was only a few years ago that Trump was a Democrat, a liberal, a Clinton Fondation Donor, and a Clinton supporter. It's all on film. So, maybe we can all stop now and get some peace and quiet. Two-and-a-half years of a campaign are way too much for those of us in "Flyover Country." We have work to do. You had your chance to get Hillary Clinton elected. You blew it. The Russians couldn't have done it, at least, as we plainly see, not without your help with all that 5 billion dollars in air time that you gave to the cause.

The Hillary supporters out there who believed your cooked polls that Hillary was a "shoo-in" to get elected, that Trump was toast, and didn't bother to vote, might take a while to accept this. Were the polls saying Hillary had a 97% chance of winning, were they part of the Russians' plan to get Trump elected by suppressing Hillary's vote? I think Special Counsel Mueller should consider taking a look at election coverage by you people and see if maybe Putin paid for some of that $5 billion you flushed down the toilet. Did Putin's "bots" make up the polls for you? Is that what happened to Hillary's landslide?

I expect Mueller to look into all of this.






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