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What is this all about you ask.  Well... this is a web site dedicated to my favorite movie "Fried Green Tomatoes".  What do I have here?  Not much really.  Just some pictures, sounds, a few facts, and a bunch of links.  Pull up a booth, order some barbecue, and click away.


Please excuse the mess!  I'm just learning how to cook.  




Try Visiting Ninny at the nursing home and maybe she'll pull out her shoebox full of pictures!
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"Towanda!!!" and other famous quotes can be overheard in   the Cafe. 

  Do you need a copy of FGT for yourself or someone you love?  Find this and other merchandise  at the General Store!

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Learn more about the Mysterious Appearing Smokey and other Fine Film Flubs and Facts here!Updated!!

  Someone suggested that I add a chat link to this page so that other Fried Green Fans can talk!  I did (do) have the River Club but in addition I now have a link to an Internet personals site (located lower on this page).


If you would like to talk more about FGT then go to OneList and join the list started by "beecharmer@onelist.com".  You have to register first but it is free.  It is a new list so join soon!



I would like to thank all of my friends in the "Electronic Cafe" on America Online! If it weren't for them this page wouldn't be possible.   (If you are on America Online and would like to talk about FGT then go to Keyword "Hollywood", then go to the "Message Boards", click on the "Talk About Movies" push pin, then "Talk About Actresses A-N", and then go to the folder labelled "Mary Stuart Masterson #3" and you're there!  I know, it is complicated but I think worth it!

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