Entry Date: April 10, 2016

The Craig's List advertisement for people to apply to be protestors at a Trump Rally for $15.00/hour. Note the lifted image from a Bernie Sanders election ad.

The protestors at Trump rallies are hired mercenaries, obtained primarily by Move On-Dot-Org (, a George Soros funded operation. Soros is also a heavy contributor to the Hillary Clinton campaign. The advertisement is not addressed to supporters of Bernie Sanders only, nor is it limiting applicants to one or the other political party. Anyone could apply who is willing to picket and get involved in provocative and disruptive behaviors. Old man Sanders is being framed as responsible as the advertisement makes it appear as if the Bernie Sanders campaign is behind it. This is the dirtiest campaign for a Presidential nomination--in both parties--that I have ever witnessed. The only candidates who don't seem to get dirty this time around are Bernie Sanders and John Kasich. I respect Bernie Sanders. I don't like his socialist ideas, but he doesn't hide what he thinks. Sanders is honest, which is more than I can say for most of this bunch.


Entry Date: April 3, 2016







Closed Circuit Television video still of terrorists in Brussels, Belgium Airport on March 22, 2016, the date of the alleged attacks. Note the gloves on the left hands of the two in dark jackets.



As everyone who reads this blog should know by now, my favorite form of retaliation against terrorists is to ridicule them. I had it all planned out with the video above to link the terrorists wearing one glove on their left hands to Michael Jackson's trademark single glove. Unfortunately, my plan to retaliate was ruined when the next video proved that the terrorists are only wearing gloves in a still photo taken from the CCTV camera. When the video is allowed to roll, showing the "terrorists" in motion, their left hands are not covered by black gloves. This means that, whoever had control of the CCTV footage created the still and manipulated it with the Photoshop software to put black gloves on the terrorists. In fact, the video released to the public shows the two "gloved ones" blurred so it is hard to see that they are not wearing gloves. My whole plan is ruined now. I was going to claim they got in trouble with their Imam back home for emulating the King of Pop, by wearing the glove and doing the moon walk, and were forced to choose between jihad and beheading for the offense. Can't do it now!








Entry Date: March 25, 2016

This whole nonsensical incident about the wives of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is just a piece of theater, with Cruz mugging his way through his "tough guy" finger-pointing-at-the-camera pose. Cruz shouldn't fool too many people. He isn't Clint Eastwood's "Dirty Harry" character. A lot of the viewers probably got a bit of deja vu when Cruz made his finger-pointing "threat" to The Donald. Yes, those who were reminded of the World Wrestling Federation are on the right track. These campaigns are all fake. The nominees have already been picked by the Ultra Rich and everything else is just diversion and "set dressing" to make the public think they have a say in who gets elected.

Ted Cruz isn't just a crisis actor. Ted Cruz is a bad crisis actor like Tommy Dimassimo and too many others. Examine the video below and see the evidence of Cruz being unable to hide the evidence of what psychologists call "duping delight," as Cruz grins while he prepares to issue his ludicrous veiled threat to do--WHAT? Duping delight happens when a person trying to con another can't completely hold back their amusement at being able to dupe someone. See if you can spot Cruz's "duping delight."







Entry Date: March 18, 2016

Tommy Dimassimo, the character who charged the dais on which Donald Trump was giving a speech is, in all reality, a B-level actor. He's played some bit roles, but like many struggling would-be performers Tommy doesn't turn down gigs as a crisis actor or agent provacateur, such as the time Tommy got in the faces of bleachers full of what could have been extras from an episode of The Dukes of Hazzard while burning a Confederate Battle Flag. Tommy taunted and did all he could to bait the supposed "red necks." Crisis actors play roles in government live exercises, such as victims of natural disasters, active shooter incidents, battlefield training exercises, etc. Crisis actors can pose as medics, victims, shooters, etc. in live training scenarios or in the shooting of training videos. Agent provacateurs attempt to provoke people into criminal and/or violent behavior so that law enforcement can crack down on them, or the targets can be made to look bad to the general public as in the Cointelpro operations of the 1960s and 1970s. Many crisis actors use their Twitter accounts for fund raising, or link to GoFundMe and other fund raising sites.

Tommy Boy not only got away with charging at Trump, and threatening the billionaire's life, but he was interviewed on CNN to put his acting skills before a nationwide audience. Tommy Dimassimo is a ham, similar to the ham antics of Johnny Jihadi, at least in his sham CNN interview. Tommy was acting--poorly. What we don't know is who hired him? The charge Tommy made was fake, but we don't know if Trump knew it was fake and arranged the whole thing. It is plausible that he did. It is also plausible that Trump's opposition did it. We can't know right now. We might get lucky and Tommy confesses, but for some "strange" reason, he isn't in jail for threatening the life of a Presidential candidate. Tommy's quick release, and his softball interview with CNN during which Tommy was acting----poorly, suggests to me some degree of governmental involvement, or acquiesence in the scheme. We might not discover who were Tommy's employers for years. Tommy might have had many employers as a crisis actor over the years. After all, he started out as a child actor, according to the Internet Movie Database records, but hasn't done much as an adult except shorts he wrote, produced, and made on his own.

If you want steady work in this decade, try crisis acting! After all, we didn't start suddenly having a mass shooting every week because all of them are real! A short guide for how to discern when a news story might be a fraud? Scrutinize the ones that are the most dramatic and theatrical in nature, and pay attention for bad acting and ridiculous scenarios. It isn't that hard to spot, and impossible scenarios like someone being in a coma one day, or having a fractured skull, and then being up and around and in great spirits after getting blown up, shot, or having their entire family slain in their presence is, well, kind of weird. Being in critical condition on Monday, and smiling before the TV cameras on Wednesday, is a little hard to swallow. Having perfect make up and hair styling, and sitting up on your hospital bed fully--and stylishly--dressed, with no vital signs monitor or IV lines, might just be some more clues of (incompetent) Hollywood type staging. Fake news used to be illegal by statute, but fake news stories for purposes of propaganda were recently made legal in the United States, so the rule is--"Viewer Beware!"

Tommy Dimassimo shows "Good Old Boys" how to light a barbeque with a Confederate flag. Some of them might be crisis actors, too!

Tommy has a page at IMDB:



The Web page that first provided bio information for Tommy Dimassimo's recent crisis acting gigs. His family is connected down Georgia way.



And here is our Tommy Boy playing an ISIS Sympathizer. He probably failed the spy agency's audition to play Johnny Jackass' role as fake beheader.






The "ISIS" sympathizer video was a real bad move for Tommy. His employers have him automatically set up for a big fall if some crisis acting psychological operation goes sideways on them. Tommy has a big sign nailed to his back now. That sign says: "I'm a PATSY--Blame me for the latest sham terrorist attack, or assassination of some billionaire! I'm a lone wolf nut!"

Anyone stupid enough to make this kind of video to sheep dip himself deserves to get the full "Lee Harvey Dimassimo" Treatment.





Entry Date: March 16, 2016

It is getting pretty bizarre around here when Senator Orrin Hatch tells Neil Cavuto of FOX Business News that the present climate in the nomination campaigns informed the GOP Senators that they should not hold hearings on the Garland nomination until after the campaigns are over. In other words, Trump's running for President is being blamed for something else now. In reality, they just want to wait to see if a Republican gets in the White House when they could hold hearings and just refuse to confirm Merrick Garland. What really hacked me off about Hatch's explanations was that Garland might change the Constitution and law by (in essence) imposing Garland's own social/political opinions in Supreme Court rulings. In actuality, the Congress itself could solve that problem no matter what kind of personal spin Justices might put on the Constitution, either a left spin or right spin. Article 3, Section 2 of the Constitution puts the Supreme Court under Congressional regulation as to the Court's jurisdictions. UnConstitutional decisions, based on personal ideology of Justices, can be overturned by Congress and the jurisdiction removed from the Court. Additional members can be created as well, so FDR was right about that one after all.

The problem is, the Congress doesn't want to have to regulate the courts, but go ahead and let the courts make the law. If it advantages one party or the other, those members can brag to their party base about the good Justices the party put on the Court. The opposition can tell their party's base that they better re-elect all party members so they can control who gets on the court and "makes the laws." Just like they don't want to manage the budget, or declare war, the Congress wants the President and the courts to make all the decisions while the Congress does...who knows what? Chief Justice Rehnquist told Congress in a decision that Congress did not have veto power, but Congress tried to let the President make all the decisions on his own, even to go to war, and then Congress could later vote to tell the President to stop the war (veto the war), especially if the war went bad, or their constituents starting complaining about it.

The Senate confirmed Merrick Garland to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in 1997. They should go ahead and hold confirmation hearings, and if they find cause to reject him, that is their option. Another reason to hold the hearings is that the Congress is overdue asking questions about the bombing of the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building in 1995. Since Judge Garland was the managing prosecutor of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, there are some questions that survivors of the bombing would like answered, including those who lost children in the day care center there. Just to speed things up, they can use the following video as a guide to formulating those questions. I know its tough, and Congress might have to be held responsible for making a public decision, but they knew the job was dangerous when they took it.








Entry Date: March 14, 2016

 The recent acts of violence at Trump rallies in Chicago and other locations, including disruptors wearing Bernie Sanders campaign t-shirts, have been accompanied by TV and print media reports accusing Sanders' supporters while blaming Trump's "rhetoric" for provoking the attacks. The Political Class has started to realize something, which is that Trump and Sanders blame NAFTA, GATT, and other international trade deals for unemployment in the manufacturing sector. Discontent among those unemployed helped Sanders win in Michigan and is causing Democrats to flip registrations, or file required State paperwork, to vote in Republican primaries for Trump. If Trump takes the GOP nomination, Trump could siphon off Sanders' supporters from Hillary, so Trump has to be defeated and replaced with a Republican who favors the trade deals so both candidates will be in agreement on the trade deals. The Political Class could breathe easier without any fear about the outcome of the election.

In addition to the trade deals, the Political Class wants completely open borders for a steady supply of cheaper labor as reflected in the recent Disneyland firing of American workers, replacing them with foreign workers with H1B work visas. Firing the workers this year, rather than waiting until after the election, was a mistake by Disney, but they couldn't wait to increase profits, I guess. Disney controls a good piece of the media, including ABC News, along with only five other corporations that control a majority of "mainstream" media outlets.

Not to be left out of this analysis is the work of Political Class member, Jeb! (Jeb Bush--I'm still ridiculing his failed campaign for the GOP nomination which Jeb! seemed to treat as a coronation.). Jeb! hates Trump. Trump didn't help things by dissing Jeb! at the end of last year by commenting about the status of Jeb!'s campaign, "He's down in the grave. He's nowhere." Jeb! pulled out all the stops to defeat Trump, using similar tactics to recent attacks on Trump rallies. Jeb! had one of his campaign staffers appear as an irate woman challenging Trump during a rally. Ironically, the woman demanded to know if she would get paid as much as men in a Trump Administration, and would she be able to control her own body. The latter reference was ironic as the two Bush Presidents laid claim to being Pro-Life. Here is a photo of the ringer Jeb! set after Trump. The media just ate the thing up, but failed to mention that the woman was an employee of Jeb! after the fact was made public. She was a pretty good actress as crisis actors go, and we've seen a lot of crisis actors at work these past seven years.

Jeb! staffer working as crisis actor to get in Trump's face at a rally to the delight of CNN and FOX, who rarely appear to agree about much.

Hillary Clinton is no stranger to political dirty tricks. She learned a lot by investigating Nixon during the impeachment hearings. In fact, she learned so much she wanted to use the same tactics to nail Nixon, but such ideas got her fired from the impeachment committee. Disruptions, such as the one Jeb! pulled, were similar to some of Nixon's, but a lot milder. Hillary, like her late target, Nixon, likes to go for the jugular. Hillary, like her Political Class employers, knew that Bernie Sanders was hurting her badly among the unemployed blue collar workers in the Rust Belt. If Trump gets the GOP nomination, Trump could attact millions of Bernie's blue collar Democrats to vote for Trump, and a lot of those unemployed live in big Electoral Vote states like Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Trump is pushing Kasich in Ohio, where Kasich is governor, to the point that Jeb! had to help out by getting Marco Rubio to campaign for Kasich in Ohio. Hillary sees these things, or the Political Class tells her, such as Political Class member, George Soros. Hillary responded by dressing up her supporters in Bernie Sanders t-shirts and sending them to disrupt Trump rallies. This provided an excuse for the Establishment media to blame Trump for the violence while framing Bernie Sanders for sending the disruptors. Another crisis actor, used a lot by DNC to brand TEA Party members as Nazis and the second coming of the Ku Klux Klan, to pretend to be a Trump supporter. Here are some photos of that disruptor both at Trump rallies and TEA Party gatherings. The irony of sending a guy like this after the TEA Party is that the TEA Party started out as anti-Bush Administration 911 Truthers. The early "Tea Party" people did such things as dump copies of the 911 Commission Report into Boston Harbor and were strident Bush Administration critics. The TEA Party morphed into opposing deficit spending in ways that were similar to Barack Obama's 2008 attacks on Bush deficit spending. Obama called Bush's deficits "unpatriotic" more than once, a description that was bound to attract TEA Party voters, and certainly some of them had to have been swayed by Obama's anti-deficit rhetoric. The TEA Party could have been seized by either party at that point in time.

George Soros funds many Democratic Party operations and campaigns, and also underwrites such groups as Media Matters, run by David Brock, a former conservative journalist who ran the Whitewater beat for The American Spectator during the Clinton Administration before he allegedly switched sides, Move On Dot Org, and Black Lives Matter. Soros is a multi-billionaire sort of "Man-Without-A-Country" (Think Ernesto Stavro Blofeld from the James Bond novels) member of the Political Class as he operates in many countries, having spent the 90s helping to loot Russia. Soros spent World War II collaborating with the Nazis, something he does not hide, but now supports leftist causes so no one in the media makes a big deal about his past while they look for Nazis everywhere else the Political Class tell them to look. Move On Dot Org has recently claimed credit for sending disruptors to Trump rallies, such as the suspended Chicago rally. Soros supports Hillary Clinton, and recently expressed regrets that he didn't support her in 2008.

Hey, George, to quote your favorite candidate---"What difference does it make?"

Just how far will the Political Class go? Well, the media don't seem to object to people threatening Trump's life, and CNN even gave the character who charged the dais where Trump was speaking a platform to look like a hero. Twitter will not delete or ban threats against Trump's life, including strident anti-gun leftists saying they would make an exception to shoot Trump. It is not like candidates for nominations haven't been shot at in the past, so it is far from a stretch to conclude anything is possible if certain individuals and groups get desperate enough.

These are just the facts up to this point in time. I can't help how they look. Maybe we should just skip the elections and just hand the Presidency to anyone the Ultra Rich pick. It would save the public a lot of trauma.



Entry Date: March 12, 2016


I am amazed at how the political class, which rarely gets motivated to do anything, suddenly got filled up with all this pep and energy to "do something" to stop Donald Trump from getting the Republican nomination. These indolent graspers at money and power usually do nothing except grasp for money and power. Another thing about the political class is they do not like to spend their own money, but political logrollers and lobbyists like the Koch brothers have opened up their moth-filled wallets to spend millions to takedown Trump. They have nothing for the homeless and unemployed, but they'll spend a king's ransom to defeat Trump. These rich guys think government and politics are two areas of society that belong to them. They are willing to pretty much do anything (think back to 1963) to maintain that control, with the help of the corrupt and rigged news media. We'll take them on next, as these same rich guys control those media corporations as well.

Now, take Jeb!, for instance. (I'm using the title Jeb Bush gave himself during his now suspended campaign-- Jeb!-- just to ridicule him in case you were wondering.) Jeb! got his old protege, Marco Rubio, to throw his support to John Kasich in the Ohio primary. Now, that might help Kasich, but if the ex-Canadian, Ted Cruz, threw his support to Kasich that might put Kasich over the top. Kasich might wind up hurt over his past vote for NAFTA when he was in Congress and might need the help from either "Little Marco" or "The Ex-Canadian." Cruz is a former Bush family employee. Cruz was once the (Get this!) "Policy Brain of George W. Bush." Now we all know who to really blame.

Ohio, a Rust Belt state, got hurt when manufacturing jobs moved south of the border after NAFTA was passed. It is not known whether or not Jeb! thinks he can win a brokered convention, but he must know that he could not win the general election after his dismal showings in the GOP primaries. Jeb! is poison to the voters right now, but he might want to try anyway. As the sage Charlie Sheen asked in Wall Street, "How many yachts can you water ski behind?" I don't think Jeb! has set a limit on Charlie's number of yachts.

The Bush family's relationship with the Clintons can be instructive to those who think Republicans and Democrats spend every day seething with hatred for each other. The Bush family just loves Bill and Hillary. The Clintons have been up to Kennebunkport, Maine to vacation with the Bush family more than once. Barbara Bush has remarked that Bill Clinton is "like a son" to her. One reporter asked George W. Bush what Hillary would be if Bill was "like a brother" to George W., Bush asked, "My sister-in-law?" Yes, he had to answer with that question. Scary, isn't it? It is scary on two fronts. One, Bush had to ask if Hillary would be his sister-in-law if Bill was his brother. Second, the fact that these two alleged (by the media) rival political families just love the stuffing out of each other.

The Bush family is part of the political class. They have great wealth, and they enjoy political power and control. People like the Clintons are the employees of the the political class. Most elected politicians are just employees of the Political Class, including most Presidents. Employees of the political class include both Republicans and Democrats, who, in reality, have little problem in getting along socially with each other. After all, political scalphunters, James Carville ("Democrat') and Mary Matalin ("Republican") actually married each other! John Boehner ("Republican") and Barack Obama ("Democrat") like to golf and smoke cigarettes together. Paul Ryan, the present "Republican" House Speaker, caved in to all of Obama's budget demands, just like Boehner used to do. Mitch McConnell, the "Republican" Senate Majority Leader, operates the same way Boehner and Ryan do. He might as well be a "Democrat." Both McConnell and Ryan have threatened to support Hillary Clinton if Trump gets the nomination, which is the most honest thing any of these politicians have ever said. In reality, the "Republicans" and "Democrats" work for the same people, the Ultra Rich. All their "differences" are just so much rhetoric.

The media claims the two parties just "can't work together," but the media know better than that. The two parties work together just fine. The problem is the rest of us do not know what is the actual agenda of what amounts to the two wings of the single political party. Since both parties work so hard to keep everything all screwed up, and typically silence the public outrage at their many failures with the defense that they are all "incompetent," the people "throw out the rascals" of one of the two parties by electing members of the other party. This fails because the two parties are run by the same people, the Ultra Rich Political Class, so the same "incompetent" policies are pursued by the newly elected rascals. These policies hurt the average voter with unemployment, rotting infrastructure, higher prices, higher taxes, militarized police violating the rights of people, more poverty, jet fighters that don't work but cost $1 trillion a copy, more conflict among various Balkanized groups in society, and new terrorist organizations that spring up overnight. Think about this really hard---You see how dedicated the Political Class gets when they do not like something. The Koch Brothers and the Bush family are pulling out all stops to derail Donald Trump, dumping millions into the effort. Trump is all their media talk about all day long. Megyn Kelly is making a career out of Trump. The Political Class always get focused and spend lots of money and energy to correct what they do not like, as they are proving with their "Get Trump At All Costs" campaign. Just remember that whenever you wonder why the education system has sucked for the last three generations, and there are potholes all over the highway. Those things do not matter to the Political Class, so nothing gets done about them, but they have lots of money and time to take care of Trump. That is the real lesson of the Trump Campaign. If the political class did not like having an education system that sucked, that education system would change tomorrow.

Trump might not be the solution to any of our problems, but is a great canary in the coal mine for watching how the Political Class manipulate the two parties and the rigged news media. Either the entire Trump affair is just political Kabuki Theater, or the Political Class really does hate Trump. Either way, observing what the Ultra Rich do about Trump can tell us with some precision how the Ultra Rich operate to limit and control our political choices, so whatever choice the majority of voters make only benefits the Political Class.


 Entry Date: March 6, 2016





At least this campaign's debates have more entertainment value than the 2012 debates. The 2012 debates left me groaning and begging Heaven for their swift termination. The 2012 debates could have been used at Guantanamo Bay. After a few minutes of smarmy Mitt Romney platitudes, the jihadis would have been begging to be waterboarded by Dick Cheney.


Entry Date: March 6, 2016

Ted Cruz, ex-Canadian

In a surprise move, the Parliament of Canada approved a bill to designate two new national holidays to honor one of the prospective candidates of the Republican Party for President of the United States. As most of you know, Ted Cruz was born in Canada. The two holidays approved by the new legislation are described below.

EMIGRATION DAY--Canada honors the day Ted Cruz left Canada.

REVOCATION DAY--Canada celebrates the day, in 2014, on which Ted Cruz revoked his Canadian citizenship.

We set out to find some ordinary Canadians living among us, down here in the US, to see what they think of their country creating two national holidays just for Ted Cruz. We found Kris Letang, defensemen of the Pittsburgh Penguins, who had this to say:

"I don't know who this Cruz is, but this means we get two more days off from work, eh?"


Entry Date: March 3, 2016

Thanks, Mitt. I don't know what any of us would do without you.

Today, I got just what I needed: Mitt Romney appearing on television to tell me how to live. Whatever would I have done without hearing his speech and gazing on his smirking face? If we are all lucky, maybe Mitt could do this every year, something like Groundhog Day. Just imagine: Mitt emerges from his burrow, and if we are lucky, and he doesn't see his shadow, he'll tell us how to think. That'll save us all a lot of wear and tear.

Yes, this is just how tired of dirt bag politicians I really am.



Entry Date: February 10, 2016

When looking for more evidence of our collaboration with Al Qaeda/"ISIS" in the conquest of Libya and the invasion of Syria, I stumbled onto a You Tube channel from Australia that included these two reports about attacks by suspected Al Qaeda/"ISIS" members in Indonesia and a bizarre and stupid plot by "ISIS" wannabes in Australia to capture a kangaroo and turn it into a bomb delivery system. How anyone could take that story seriously is beyond me.









Entry Date: February 7, 2016

My cousin, Nancy Collette, has been a fan of Carol Burnett since the performer's early days on the Gary Moore Show in the 1960s. Since Nancy enjoys my linking to YouTube videos (mostly the official VEVO channel) of popular music from different eras, when I found this one it had to be posted here.






Entry Date: February 7, 2017

There are some people who still don't get it that our government supported Al Qaeda, and helped the terrorist group seize Libya in 2011. Well, here is Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who represented a district in Ohio at the time as a Democrat, who laid it out the same way I did.






Entry Date: January 16, 2016

The cast of Empty Nest a popular comedy from the late 80s and early 90s.














Entry Date: December 6, 2015

Oil City is just finishing its annual "Christmas Past" weekend with the showing of The Polar Express in the Venango Museum. Yesterday, the museum hosted the Chocolate Festival, the Community Christmas Tree Display including trees decorated by local organizations, such as "Friends of the Library," and the "Garden Club." At 11:00 AM there was a Christmas concert by Mostly Brass, a local band. A few months ago, I embedded one of the band's videos from one of their Christmas concerts last year, at the Cranberry Mall, expecting a saxophone player to have Christmas lights on his instrument as he had them on his sax at the museum concert of 2014. He did not have them for the mall Cranberry Mall concert. This year, a trombone player had lights on her horn and told me she put them on for a parade the previous evening, which is probably why the saxophone player had them last year.

In addition to the trombone player, and some photos of the Christmas trees on display, I took this picture while testing the flash on my digital camera. The chicken looked interesting for some reason.



Entry Date: December 6, 2015

This man claimed to be within 20 feet of the first stadium suicide bomber, who detonated his device after being "turned away "(?!) from entering the stadium when security frisked him and found his suicide vest.

What did they mean "turned away"? Did the security guy just say, "Sorry, man, no suicide bomb vests in the stadium. Get rid of it, or no admittance."?

There were three Al Qaeda/"ISIS" suicide bombers trying to detonate high explosive suicide vests inside, and outside, the stadium in Paris where France was playing Germany in a soccer game. Three suicide bombers trying to blow up as many people in a crowd of nearly 70,000 in the stadium as possible, and they are alleged to have killed only one person. They missed Bley Bilal Mokono, in the photo above, despite the fact that Mokono claims to have gotten inside of 20 feet from a bomber using high explosives. Mokono should have been killed, or at least severely injured by the supersonic shock wave generated by the explosion along with the bolts the jihadis allegedly loaded into their improvised vest bombs. Just look at Mokono. Not only is he not hurt, his white shirt and suit jacket are perfectly clean, devoid of any dust, blood, or gore that would have spattered on Mokono after the huge explosion that should have killed or injured him, raining dust, debris, and jihadi blood all over him. Instead, here is this Mokono, fresh as a daisy, and ready to pose for the next cover of GQ. How did Mokono account for his remarkable (and totally unbelieveable) survival? It was his "Lucky Star," he told the credulous media doofus interviewing him.

Yes, I think Mokono's story is crap, but this means a good part of the rest of the story just might be crap, too.

The other two jihadis managed to kill no one (except themselves) despite one of the bombers planting himself in front of a McDonald's. Three suicide bombers and only one person dead, or at least we are told there was ONE person killed. A failure of this magnitude really stretches credibility. If there is one thing the jihadis have down it is how to deliver a suicide bomb, as they proved many times in Iraq. All one of the idiots had to do was either find a way into the stadium, or show up when the crowds started forming outside instead of trying to get in fifteen minutes after the game started. Then all they had to do was pick a line of ticket holders, stand in it, and hit the detonators. When you can't manage that the level of incompetence is terminal, or the whole thing was a scam of some kind.

Why would the jihadis bother blowing up some bozo like Mokono, anyway? They don't have a gripe against anyone like Mokono, other than being a lousy crisis actor. The jihadis are mad at French President Hollande for (allegedly) bombing Al Qaeda/"ISIS" in Syria. So, why not get inside the stadium and blow up Hollande? Why do they have to try to blow up innocent people? If these jihadis were real terrorists, they would try blowing up corrupt politicians and gasbag "world leaders" (under whose purgatorial "leadership" we all groan) instead of ordinary people. This is enough to make a person think these terrorists are hired by these crooked politicians just to screw with us. The fact that these same politicians and world leaders showed up later in the month in Paris, to scam us about "climate change" (their latest attempt to siphon what is left out of our wallets) reminds me about how scores of these politicians showed up in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo incident. The politicians paraded along the Parisian streets, despite all the news reports that the city was crawling with jihadis chomping at the bit to kill lots of people. One would think the jihadis would be out in force for the chance to massacre a bunch of politicans who try to kill or apprehend them, but no, the jihadis wait to kill ordinary people at soccer games, concerts, and cafes instead. Twice they passed up attacking high value targets, and it couldn't be because of increased security. The French security forces were staging a drill nearby the attacks and were quite visible as a result. The presence of geared up French police and security personnel did not deter the jihadis from attacking several targets full of ordinary people, but we are supposed to believe deterred the jihadis from attacking the "climate change" conflab full of gasbags and jet-setting carbon polluters.

These stories are getting harder to believe with every incident. More on drills that are staged at the same time as actual terrorist attacks and/or mass shootings next time. It happens a lot.


Entry Date: November 17. 2015

Ah, Johnny Jihadi, that great fake decapitator of "journalists," many of whom had CIA and other intelligence connections, forever regaling us with his terrible crisis acting as a spokesman for "ISIS," threatening President Obama (who saved Al Qaeda's bacon by intervening in Libya in 2011) for supposedly opposing "ISIS." After his usual melodramatic speech, Johnny would pretend to cut off a "journalist's" head. Johnny liked to use a four inch stage knife, with retractable rubber blade, and, no, it couldn't cut the head off a chicken. Yep, that Johnny Jihadi was supposedly killed in an air strike in Syria just before the Paris attacks last week. Some media know-it-alls claim Al Qaeda/ISIS attacked Paris to take revenge for our favorite jihadi, Johnny boy. There's a problem with that media story. Sometime in July the media were telling us Johnny Jackass was on the run from his Al Qaeda/ISIS friends. Here is the headline from the UK's Daily Mail:

Jihadi John 'on the run in Syria after becoming terrified ISIS chiefs have no use for him and will subject him to same fate as his victims'


Read more:

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John-Boy was scared of other jihadis being "jealous" of him, so he took it on the lam from Al Qaeda/ISIS. Now, months later he is supposed to be back with "ISIS" in time to get hit in a US air strike against "ISIS," which would have to mean Johnny was back in their territory. Johnny was about the most important target any of our air strikes ever hit, as Russian air strikes proved it is possible to put a serious hurt on the jihadis if you are really inclined to do so. Most or our airstrikes must have hit sand, trees, and other targets like those. Sand can be very evil. It sounds like Johnny's spy agency employers decided their earlier story that he had quit "ISIS," and was on the run from them, was not good enough to tie up the loose ends in the whole fake Johnny Jihadi story. Faking Johnny's death would be far more conclusive than declaring him "missing." Death would mark the end of the whole fake beheadings embarrassment while at the same time serving as the motive for the Paris attacks, although the media claim a US air strike got Johnny, not a French air strike. Anyway, death by high explosives means no one has to come up with a body, either. I'm surprised they didn't use a J-DAM bomb on Johnny so there wouldn't be enough of him to put on the back of a postage stamp.

The one thing I am sure of, and most happy to relay to all readers, we don't have to suffer through another ridiculous and stupid "Manifesto" that all of these hired patsies always seem to lay around for intelligence shrinks to find and "analyze." See? Despite the fact we will all miss the ham acting of Johnny Jihadi, he at least left this world--in the fictional sense of the word--without sticking us with his ludicrous "Manifesto" with all the usual lousy spelling and worse punctuation. Gee, thanks, Johnny. With all the billions we pay for spy agencies none of them can produce a patsy's "Manifesto" without any misspellings. I demand better use of my tax dollars than a gyp like these fake "Manifestos." I still remember Dzhokar Tsarnev being so dedicated that he wrote his "Manifesto" on the inside of the gunnels of the boat in which he was hiding, allegedly writing while the boat was being riddled by Boston Police bullets. That's almost as good as Vester Flanagan trying to make his getaway, after shooting Alison Parker and Adam Ward, by driving and posting Twitter messages at the same time. I know it is hard. You feel you must believe these things as the mainstream media (especially television) told you they were true, but they sound so stupid. I know it is hard, but just try your best. If you still can't believe it, then forget about it like most people do. ("Sandy Hook? What happened there?" I actually heard that not long ago.) After all, it is only a cartoon world in which we live.

No, Johnny isn't dead. If he is, he wasn't killed in Syria, because I doubt Johnny Jackass spent five minutes in Syria. The closest Johnny's been to a desert was probably Las Vegas. He most likely filmed all of his fake beheadings in an air conditioned studio in Turkey, or the UK, or the US. If he really is dead, his corpse will be as elusive as Jimmy Hoffa's.

This is a newspaper photo of the area in Raqqa where a drone allegedly bombed Johnny Jihadi to the great fake beheading in the sky, or that special place in perdition for lousy crisis actors hired by spy agencies. See the ISIS MAIN HEADQUARTERS BUILDING completely intact? We bombed Johnny instead of that. Bombing Johnny probably cost us several million dollars, too, if we actually bombed him. We won't get into the 30 minute attack on the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan, including strafing fugitives from the carnage as they tried to run away from the hospital. We bomb fake jihadis and hospitals and leave ISIS HQ intact. I wonder if that FOX News reporter, who recently challenged President Obama by demanding "why can't we take out these bastards?" ever saw the above photo map? Well, that is his answer for him to examine at his leisure. It is prima facie evidence that we are not interested in "taking out those bastards" because they were (before the Russians showed up) getting rid of Assad just like Washington wants, so we bomb a little here and there without doing any damage to "ISIS," and hire a blue ribbon ham crisis actor like Johnny to act like "ISIS" is really mad at us for bombing them, dealing out another fake beheading as punishment to make it all look real.

Another thing the commentators and guests at Fox News should realize is that the excuse for the bombing campaign's lack of success is that our "rules of engagement" forbid bombing in areas where civilians are likely to be about is nonsense. Well, the spot where Johnny got bombed looks pretty much like in the middle of the city of Raqqa, where lots of people are around. Think back about that Doctors Without Borders Hospital, and all the drone strikes that supposedly killed terrorists, but inflicted "collateral damage" as well. So, what "rules of engagement" really exist? The evidence is clear to me that sometimes we worry about civilians and other times we just waste them. It depends.

All I know is we don't bomb the ISIS Main Headquarters that is crawling with bigshot jihadis. We bomb Johnny instead.

We weren't bombing ISIS at all, but Johnny Jihadi's fake beheadings made it look as if the bombing enraged them and made them look like enemies of the governments that were secretly supporting their war on Assad. How did they learn to operate M1 Abrams tanks?

We have been played all along. We continue to be played all along the path toward World War III.

I know it is hard.


Entry Date: November 8, 2015

"The world today has 6.8 billion people...that's headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job with vaccines (?), health care (?), and reproductive services, we could lower that (increase in population) by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."----Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft.

It is hard to understand how we could eliminate hundreds of millions of people, who either are not yet born or who are already living, in order to reduce population growth from 6.8 billion to 9 billion by means such as vaccines, which are produced to prolong and save lives, and health care (maybe we are supposed to deny it, something like they did in that movie, Elysium, and let people die), but Gates is touted as an expert in both vaccines and population control. My thoughts are the same as those of the creator of the image I found and reproduced below:

Why can't you damn people just leave everyone else alone? That goes for trying to shove Windows 10 onto my computer on the sly, too, Billy.


Entry Date: October 22, 2015

Our main FM radio station, WKQW, 96.3, plays a mix of songs, with both recent hits and oldies being run every hour. When I found a comfortable pair of headphones that worked with my old Radio Shack shirt pocket radio (the one I took on the infamous train trip to Chicago in 2012), I started listening while working out on the elliptical machine and the treadmill early in the morning. The songs played this past summer were a good combination of the most recent popular songs, the hits from a few months before that were fading on the charts, and hits from the 1980s and 1990s. The list of my top 10 favorites from the past few months have links below to their YouTube channel (mostly VEVO with commercials to pay for the rights. That's right, Taylor Swift hit it twice and I never paid that much attention to what she did before.












Entry Date: October 14, 2015

Al Qaeda/"ISIS" Goons In Ninja Costumes Tooling Through Iraq in 2014 Riding in Customized Toyota Pick-Ups Preferred by Special Operations troops. This might be the Middle East. It might be a studio somewhere, too.

Washington's Blog reported yesterday that the origin of the armored pick-ups once made for out special operations' troops, are now the truck-of-choice for Al Qaeda. The photo above was relatively older than the first half of this year. If the jihadis rode around in broad daylight like most days have been lately, the Russians would have rocketed, bombed, and strafed this long chain of ISIS trucks.



Toyotas were supplied by the US government to the Al Nusra Front

The U.S. Government Supplied ISIS’ Iconic Pickup Trucks


by Washington's Blog | October 13, 2015

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U.S. counter-terror officials have launched an investigation into how ISIS got so many of those identical Toyota pickup trucks which they use in their convoys.


They don’t have to look very far …


The Spectator reported last year:


The [Toyota] Hilux [pics] is light, fast, manoeuvrable and all but indestructible (‘bomb-proof’ might not, in this instance, be a happy usage). The weapons experts Jane’s claimed for the Hilux a similar significance to the longbows of Agincourt or the Huey choppers of Nam. A US Army Ranger said the Toyota sure ‘kicks the hell out of a Humvee’ (referring to the clumsy and over-sized High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle made by AM General).




The fact is the Toyotas were supplied by the US government to the Al Nusra Front as ‘non-lethal aid’ then ‘acquired’ by ISIS.


Al Nusra Front is literally Al Qaeda.


Public Radio International – an American public radio outlet – also documented a specific shipment of Toyotas by the U.S. State Department in 2014:


Recently, when the US State Department resumed sending non-lethal aid to Syrian rebels, the delivery list included 43 Toyota trucks.


Hiluxes were on the Free Syrian Army’s wish list. Oubai Shahbander, a Washington-based advisor to the Syrian National Coalition, is a fan of the truck.


“Specific equipment like the Toyota Hiluxes are what we refer to as force enablers for the moderate opposition forces on the ground,” he adds. Shahbander says the US-supplied pickups will be delivering troops and supplies into battle. Some of the fleet will even become battlefield weapons.


Entry Date: October 11, 2015

The videos of the Russian planes and helicopters knocking the hell out of the terrorists of Al Qaeda/"ISIS" are drawing an overwhelming majority of favorable comments and growing numbers of views. This should have been done long ago, and many can't understand why it wasn't, but I have a good idea why it was all-of-a-sudden so difficult to find a way to plaster the terrorists the way the Russians are doing it. They were working of "us," but the American people were not told that. Oh well, at least someone is finally getting rid of the rats. It makes me happier than I can describe to hear the panic in the voices of the terrorists, the huge concrete buster explosions, and the secondaries as the fuel and ammo erupts sending jihadis fleeing like panicked cattle. Anyway, this song is for all those Russian jet and helicopter jockeys out there blowing up the scum.






Entry Date: October 9, 2015

Bashar al-Assad: The pencil neck geek who inherited the job of Syrian Despot. I might be wrong, but I don't think he is worth a nuclear war with Russia.

When Captain Ahab refused to let go of the Great White Whale, Moby Dick, he sealed his own doom along with that of his whaling ship and almost all of his crew. Like Ahab, President Obama will not let go of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad. Assad is in the same crosshairs as Muammar Gaddafi of Libya in 2011, and Obama, along with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ("I came, I saw, he died!"), employed the fighters of Al Qaeda in overthrowing Gaddafi. As has been pointed out before, the black flag now seen being displayed (frequently) by "ISIS," is the same flag used by Al Qaeda in Libya. Obama assisted Al Qaeda by launching bombing and cruise missile attacks on Libya, along with special operations troops on the ground to advise the Al Qaeda forces. Western European newspapers reported about the strangeness of this anti-Gaddafi alliance, particularly newspapers in the United Kingdom. Al Qaeda still controls Libya, which is now a monkey cage of chaos, mass murder, and depredations of all kinds. Nobody does anything to relieve the tortured Libyans, and nothing was done about the murder of Christopher Stevens, the alleged "ambassador" to Libya, by these same Al Qaeda operatives. The only retribution was meted out by the two contractors, who were former Navy SEALs, who killed about 100 of the bandits before being overwhelmed. In reality, Stevens was the CIA Station Chief in Libya. The title "Ambassador," in the case of Christopher Stevens, was what is called "cover." In civilized nations, an ambassador can be a spy, but is immune from arrest. Note that I wrote "civilized" nations. Any country run by Al Qaeda types is hardly what could be referred to as "civilized," which is why they murdered Stevens in the manner they did, particularly since they lost so many terrorists to the two former SEALs.

Stevens was helping organize and launch the next project of what can be called our "Shadow Government": Syria, as jihadis and weapons were already being transferred to camps in Turkey and Jordan for training for the invasion of Syria. The first phase of the campaign was a failure, with the jihadis retreating to Anbar Province in Iraq after getting mauled by the Syrian Army. There, they were put together with Al Qaeda in Iraq and set off against the low hanging fruit called "The Iraqi Army," only recently left on its own after all US troops were withdrawn. Al Qaeda routed them, leaving copious supply dumps and motor pools of US war technology behind. Before we knew it, jihadis were tooling all over Iraq in Abrams tanks, MRAPs, Humvees, and Toyota Tundras customized for US special ops personnel, all flying that black flag. Every once in a while, the jihadis would park their expensive hardware to murder a few people before moving on. Now, I don't know how some jihadis from Saudi Arabi or Oman could jump into an M1 tank and start driving it around and fighting in it without first attending some kind of tank training from Americans who know about the tank, but I guess we are supposed to think this is possible. It would not be politically desirable to have the American public "think" any other way. Where the jihadis get all those Al Qaeda flags is another question I keep asking myself. Fully armed and reinforced, and given a brand new name, "ISIS," Al Qaeda took over a large tract of Iraq and seized almost half of Syria during 2014 and 2015.

Now that we have covered most of what happened since 2011, with the exception of the 2013 attempt to use chemical weapons as a pretext for US and NATO intervention on the side of Al Qaeda in a repeat of the Libya operation of 2011, we will take a look at a front page story in USA Today of October 8, 2015 concerning US policy in Syria now that Russia and China are intervening on the side of the Syrian government the Obama Administration is openly attempting to overthrow. The Administration is not trying to hide this attempt to overthrow Assad, but does not come out and say it is Al Qaeda/"ISIS" they are using to do this. Washington claims there are other, "moderate" groups in Syria opposing Assad. By "moderate" the Administration is really saying that these groups are not jihadis, or Islamic Extremists. We will see, after analyzing the USA Today article, that these "moderate" groups do not exist in any military sense of the word. If these "moderate" formations exist at all, they are miniscule in numbers and are what is called "combat ineffective." In our analysis, particularly in addressing how the Russian planners would pick targets for bombing and cruise missile attacks, this status of the alleged "moderate" anti-Assad groups as combat ineffective has great significance. Let us proceed to read and pull apart the true meaning of the USA Today article.

 The first paragraph we will dissect is as follows: The Pentagon accused Russia of bolstering Assad by attacking moderate opposition groups the United States supports. Wednesday, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter called the Russian strategy "tragically flawed."

The problem with this paragraph is that USA Today contradicts it three paragraphs down the column: Even before the Russian build-up, the Pentagon acknowledged its plan to field a force of moderate rebels to fight the Islamic State had run into problems, and it (the Pentagon) suspended most of the programs after training just a "few" fighters. I just got the word about how many "moderate" fighters were trained by the Pentagon. It was eighty. Eight-Zero. The total cost meant that each fighter cost the US taxpayers over $6 million. Most must be dead, or off cavorting with Al Qaeda jihadis, as originally planned by---someone. You can't make this stuff up.

The above paragraph indicates that the real state of affairs is: 1. There are few, if any, "moderate" rebel fighters left in Syria. 2. None of the few "moderate" rebels are receiving any more support from the Administration. So, the Secretary of Defense was in error when he described such "moderate" groups as having "the support of the United States." They don't anymore. 3. The "moderate" (meaning the rebels are not jihadis and not Al Qaeda/"ISIS") are combat ineffective due to small numbers of fighters and lack of support from the US. The Russian officers responsible for choosing targets in Syria for Russian attack planes and cruise missiles and not going to bother targeting rebel formations that are miniscule in numbers, or otherwise are combat ineffective. To choose such targets would be a waste of military assets. Therefore, I do not believe the Russians are targeting any groups other than Al Qaeda formations.

The next paragraph goes on: One US military-trained group was attacked by al-Qaeda-linked forces shortly after arriving in Syria, and another turned over equipment and ammunition to the same terrorist organization. Only a handful of Pentagon-trained forces remain in Syria. "I'm the first to acknowledge that it has not worked out the way it was supposed to," President Obama said recently. Once again, the "moderate" forces, if they exist at all, are small in numbers, incompetent, ill-equipped, with whimsical loyalties, and are therefore combat ineffective. These "formations" are no threat to the regime of Bashar Assad in Syria. The only formation in Syria that threatens Assad is Al Qaeda/"ISIS," and the Obama Administration's policy is that Assad must go. Period. Come on now, it isn't that hard to figure out what that means in the policies being implemented by the US in Syria. It is Libya all over again, because the only combat effective formation in Syria that could oust Assad is the same one that ousted Gaddafi in Libya: Al Qaeda. The Administration is using Al Qaeda to oust Assad, and the last paragraph of the article will verify that by implication. Before that, there are two more with significant content that need addressed first, that include the risk of war with Russia, and now China, as the Chinese are assisting the Russians in Syria and now have a naval presence in the Eastern Mediterranean in the form of a carrier group.

The first of the two paragraphs: Obama has accused Putin of intervening in Syria "because his client, Mr. Assad, was crumbling." Obama wants Assad out, citing atrocities against his own people. Yes, Assad might have committed atrocities against his own people, but so have the savages running what used to be Burma. That bunch has Assad beat by several hundred miles when it comes to murdering and oppressing their own people. We do nothing but impose some sanctions on that regime. For some reason, Syria is more of a priority, and I suspect it has nothing to do with Assad being mean to other Syrians. Al Qaeda has been pretty nasty to a lot of Syrians as well as Assad has, but since most of Al Qaeda are not Syrians, but foreign fighters in Syria, I guess murdering Christians, Jews, and Shiite Muslims doesn't count as "atrocities against their own people." The important thing in this paragraph is that the priority of the Administration has all along been ousting Assad, not defeating Al Qaeda/ISIS.

This stance has significant impact on relations with Russia as the next paragraph states: "Now we must contemplate going to war with Russia if we want to get rid of Assad," said Christopher Chivvis, an analyst at RAND Corp. Is there anyone who thinks Assad is worth a nuclear war? Yet, this is how important getting rid of Assad in that little country is to the Administration. War with Russia is worth the risk to achieve the ouster of Assad. Why?

This last paragraph makes it clear that the Administration will not cooperate beyond ensuring no mishaps between US and Russian pilots over Syria, because ousting Assad is more important than defeating Al Qaeda/"ISIS." There is no other conclusion these words provide: The United States said it is willing to hold "technical" talks with Russia to avoid a mishap between coalition and Russian pilots. The White House said it would not coordinate more broadly with the Russians unless they agreed to a political transition that would remove Assad.

Until that white whale is gone, everything from using Al Qaeda as a proxy army to oust Assad, to risking nuclear war with Russia and China, has been deemed by the Obama Administration as necessary to get rid of Assad. Now, just why is that so important? Why aren't we, as a people responsible for what their government does, trying to find out?


Entry Date: September 21, 2015

Chris Papst on PCN's PA Books telecast.

Chris Papst was interviewed on the PCN interview show PA Books about the findings of his investigative reporting of the finances of the Pennsylvania's capital city, Harrisburg, during his time working for one of Harrisburg's local television stations. The manipulation of the municipal bond markets, including financing a dam building project for the Susquehanna River that never really existed, and the subsequent use of the millions in fees generated by the creation of the bonds, is covered. The use of arbitrage of the municipal bonds through frequent refinancing of the bonds, thus generating more fees, is explained in a way that is easy to understand. Harrisburg was saved from ending up even more like Detroit through misappropriation of bond proceeds, and the churning of the bonds through refinancing. New skyscrapers, a restaurant row, museums, a first class hotel, development on a river island (City Island) with a stadium for a class A minor league baseball team were all the results of misappropriating (or RE-appropriating) the municipal bond proceeds. The city is now bankrupt as a result, with a receiver now running the government. Check out the interview by clicking the link below. You might want to check out some other videos there, such as "PA Capitol: A Monument to Graft."

Go ahead. We're way beyond embarrassment now.




Entry Date: September 11, 2015

The "Tsunami of Refugees" referenced in the headline do not come from just Syria, but Syria is one of the countries suffering the effects of the "Arab Spring" strategy of the United States Government that dates back to early 2011. The second country to fall to the "Arab Spring" was Libya in 2011, after its neighbor Egypt unseated Hosni Mubarak. Foreign Islamic jihadists poured into Libya and sparked a revolt against ruler Ghadafi that had its origins in the Libyan city of Darna. Our government released five detainees from Guantanamo Bay, including Osama bin Laden's former chauffer, and they wound up in Darna just in time to start the revolt. Ghadafi was getting the better of them, so our government, and the governments of NATO, executed a "humanitarian intervention." What follows is a block from a 2011 issue of the Daily Mail of London, Great Britain, that describes all of Nato's actions in those first weeks that resulted in Ghadafi's death, or as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put it, "I came, I saw, he died!"

Photo seen in the Daily Mail of Great Britain in 2011.

Column in Dail Mail outlining months of US/NATO intervention in Libya in 2011

After the bombardment, the rebels took over, raising the flag pictured above over all the important buildings in the main cities. It is the flag of Al Qaeda, the terrorist organization, which prompted newspapers like the Daily Mail and the London Telegraph to describe how strange it was for NATO countries to be fighting on the same side as Al Qaeda. On this same day, September 11, 2001, the US Government has claimed Al Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center, yet we handed Libya to Al Qaeda on a silver platter. The result of Al Qaeda rule in Libya? Libya is now a completely dysfunctional country; a monkey cage of chaos, murder, ethnic cleansing (of black Libyans, Christians, Jews, and Shiite Muslims) and other violent, arbitary, and whimsical actions by what passes as a government.

After Libya, the same gangbangers moved on to Syria to overthrow the Assad regime in that country. Our government attempted to intervene with another "humanitarian intervention," as the media described what was done to Libya, in late 2013, but our military objected to becoming "Al Qaeda's air force," and public opinion in this country opposed intervention. The next year we started hearing about "ISIS" being the new bad guy in town. ISIS overran a lot of northern Iraq before invading Syria. Now, somewhere, these desert gangbangers learned how to drive Abrams tanks they captured after routing the Iraqi Army we trained and equipped. Our troops have to attend the Armor School at Fort Knox, but all "ISIS" cats have to do is jump in and start the tanks up. At least that is all most of us think as no one has bothered to demand of our government just where these jihadists attended tank school. In addition to the tanks, this bunch also managed to get their hands on MRAP vehicles, which somehow the terrorists already knew how to operate, and our Special Forces units' favorite model of customized Toyota Tundra TDR pick-up trucks. The ISIS fighters like to put this flag on all of their vehicles and to pose for propaganda photos while displaying this flag.

I think there are enough of the flags in the above photo for everyone to notice that the "ISIS" flag is the same one Al Qaeda flew in Libya. The same terrorists are taking over Syria in similar circumstances to the Libyan takeover, including help from our Air Force and special ops people. Remember this as millions of refugees surge into Europe trying to get away from these terrorists, or just trying to get work or government benefits. The Syrians among the refugees are in this mess because of a conscious strategy of our government, the "Arab Spring," which amounts to using jihadis as a proxy army to overthrow the governments in that region. And it is Al Qaeda, not ISIS, which was just a renaming to confuse us, that still continues to fly the same flag in Syria and Iraq as they did in Libya. "ISIS" spokesmen have bragged that they will sneak jihadi fighters into Europe to launch terror attacks there using legitimate refugees for cover.

My frustration with this lack of attention, and a short span of memory, on the part of so many members of the American public made the following scene from No Country for Old Men come back to me.






Entry Date: September 5, 2015

Madonna is the most successful female popular vocalist of the last half of the Twentieth Century and the start of the Twenty First Century. There haven't been many of her songs that I did not at least find pleasant, and the vast majority are among my favorites from her era. She's playing in the background as I write this, Borderline just this moment. The following are among my top ten of my favorites from the pipes of "Madge," as the British liked to call her.







Entry Date: August 20, 2015

Man, people are just as scared of September 2015 as they were of the entire year 2012 back in 2011. I watched one video where the presenter, a pleasant looking young woman, was expressing apprehension about the old Jewish tradition of Jubilee coming up next month at the same time as the Pope coming to America to address our Congress, potential of World War over a myriad of issues, and some kind of "Blood Moon" phase coming up toward the end of the month. It sounded like the end of the world. There isn't much one person can do about that, except advise everyone in this country, China, Russia, and the Middle East to follow the advice in the video below!




Entry Date: July 23, 2015

On the left, a beheading portrayed in the Turkish drama The Valley of the Wolves. On the right, two examples of Johnny Jihadi's work.

In addition to being guilty of mass murder and terrorism, Al Qaeda ("ISIS") is now guilty of palgiarism. The above side-by-side photographs are made up of a still photo on the left from a scene in an episode of the popular Turkish television drama The Valley of the Wolves, which is a long-running series. Most of the episodes are on YouTube. The episode was run on Turkish TV months before Johnny Jihadi made his first fake beheading video. The photo on the right is a split screen still of two of Johnny Jihadi's incompetent productions. There is little difference in the still from The Valley of the Wolves and Johnny's fake beheading videos, which exposes that those who made the fake beheading videos were not competent enough to come up with their own ideas. They had to totally copy the beheading scene from The Valley of the Wolves. Some have concluded this might mean the ISIS fake beheadings were filmed in a studio in Turkey, but they might have been filmed almost anywhere, including the United States, but most likely in a studio in front of a green screen with the desert background filled in with computer graphics later. If filmed in a studio, my opinion is no one was killed either on camera, or off-camera. For, why would the victims bother saying anything for the camera to help their killers if they were going to be killed no matter what? They would be killed if they said nothing. Yet, that was how all of the things were filmed as in an algorithm or like the videos are a kind of meme, like the "Manifestos" of lone nut gunmen:

1. Do some talking and act macho in the ninja costume and ski mask.

2. The victim expresses empathy for "ISIS" complaints against President Obama.

3. Act like the beheading is starting.

4. Turn off the camera so no one can see that there was no beheading performed.


On the lighter side, we have discovered the Ebay Store of "ISIS" which is offering some of the surplus props and souvenirs of the failed fake beheading videos. Just hit the link below.




Entry Date: July 14, 2015

My cousin, Nancy Collette, requested I put up a list of popular songs from 1978 as well as the collection found below for the year 1977. In 1978, I was working in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania while living in nearby Greensburg. Yes, there was some Disco music that year, but most of the ones posted here were not Disco songs. There were a lot of other kinds of popular songs on FM radio that year, and it was also the year I developed a taste for the sounds of the 1930s and 1940s, spending a lot of free time listening to WNUF-FM in suburban Pittsburgh, which was a Big Band station. I won't post any of the Big Band pieces here, but, perhaps in a later post.