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Entry Date: September 5, 2016

There is a lot of hacking activity going on out there. It is almost like there is some kind of deadline out there for these scammers to cash in, so they are hitting as many places out there as they can to plant their malware, or lure people into the wrong site and get ripped off. Some of the applications I listed on an earlier post, such as Bitdefender's Traffic Light can keep you out of dangerous sites that are adulterated with hackers' malware. Traffic Light saved me from going onto a page loaded with the Locky Ransomeware program. My computer would have been locked in encryption and the only way to get the key would be to pay for it. One site where I do business has to admit their servers are under a lot of attacks, so you have to be careful. Keep your Windows operating systems patched and updated. If you are not sure you have all the updates, click the START button in the lower left hand corner and use the scroll down menu and click on Windows Update. Let it run to see if you are missing necessary updates. Hackers can use an unpatched Windows operating system to plant an exploit on your system. For added protection, try Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit software, which uses behavioral analytics to detect and lock up any exploit that gets on your computer. Make sure you update your anti-virus/anti-spyware software before going out on the Internet, and do not use WiFi if the provider does not have an active firewall.

Be careful out there! The hackers are very active and aggressive at this point in time.


Entry Date: September 5, 2016


The Trip It application enables the traveler to input all the details of a trip and the application produces a plan, or itinerary for the trip. Details to input include hotel reservation details, restaurant and car reservations, flight details, etc. Out of all of those inputs comes the suggested itinerary. This app works with most smart phones.


Packing Pro is another smart phone ready app that can help the frequent traveler by producing a list of different types of items, such as gadgets, accessories, clothing, umbrella, and other items that the traveler might want to remember to pack. There is also a useful TO DO list included.


The Oh, Ranger app can locate the nearest national or state park in your area for a variety of purposes, such as hiking, camping, boating, fishing, and many other activities. Just load in the details, and the available parks that offer access to your preferred activities are displayed on the screen.


Entry Date: July 31, 2016

Not to be outdone by the Republicans, who held a fake national convention in 2012 that nominated Mitt Romney, as it was "his turn" to crash and burn, the Democrats decided to double down on the RNC's stunts in 2012 and maneuver delegates for Old Man Sanders out of their seats, replacing them with paid crisis actors in Hillary T-shirts at fifty bucks a pop. To really top things off, white noise machines were deployed to drown out "Feel the Bern!" chants from Bernie's agitated delegates. When you include the details of all the primary campaign manipulations that were revealed by the hacked DNC emails, the hacked emails and cell phone calls of Deray McKesson, who holds down Black Lives Matter for international financial looter George Soros, this was one scandal-wracked convention. Even the media was scandalized when the DNC's emails served as prima facie evidence of "Mainstream Media" collusion with the DNC in securing the nomination (and probably the election) for Hillary Clinton. Some reporters turned their articles over to DNC people to review before their editors saw the articles. A conspiracy theory was hatched that Russian President Vladimir Putin stole the DNC emails for Donald Trump, the GOP nominee. This is the same Vladimir Putin who was able to purchase 20% of our uranium supplies when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved the deal. Russian access to the uranium was made possible through the corporation Uranium One. The Wikileaks collection of emails, from the illegal private server used by Mrs. Clinton while she was Secretary of State, was the source for the information. During these transactions, which permitted the Russian Government to purchase 20% of our uranium through buying stock in Uranium One, Rosatom, a Russian entity that controls nuclear weapons and power plants in Russia, used a Canadian affiliate to send millions of dollars in contributions to the Clinton Foundation, while the company Renaissance Capital, with close ties to Russian intelligence, helped arrange for Bill Clinton to give a speech in Moscow for $500,000. So if Trump is in bed with Putin, Bill and Hillary are either in there with them, or warmed up the bed sheets for Trump. But don't hold your breath waiting for the media to tell all of you the fact that this election might just be yet ANOTHER, "Heads we win, tails you lose," proposition for the all the "little people" in "fly-over country."








Entry Date: July 22, 2016

The following video was recently uploaded to the YouTube channel pocketsofthefuture, addressing how each individual can affect the world by changing themselves from within through cultivating a relationship with God. We'll have follow-ups later in the next few months.





Entry Date: July 15, 2016

Blake Lively's photo that has always graced Phoenixville Magazine.

I had a recollection not long ago about a beautifully crafted Web site full of news and information about the city of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, where I spent some time from late in 1985 until mid-1987, when I moved up the road to Royersford. I couldn't remember the name of the site, but remembered a photo I picked up from it of actress Blake Lively. The photo had been enhanced with some kind of colorization that was interesting. I used the photo in a Google image search, and found a link to Phoenixville Magazine, which I bookmarked. This is the first URL I ever found with the help of Blake Lively, and I thank her very kindly.


Entry Date: July 15, 2016

This election season, with the name calling, lawsuits, and candidates being investigated by the FBI, I wondered just why things are going so badly for America right now. I had to think about it for awhile, but think the answer has finally become clear: It is an epidemic of jackasses. What really convinced me of this was the production of these cheesy, tasteless music videos from the government of Orlando, Florida to promote "healing" from the recent alleged mass shooting. Why anyone would think that what they need to make themselves feel better after 49 people were allegedly shot to death is a bunch of cops, doctors, and others dancing to 1970s disco music of some kind is beyond me. These things struck me as requiring a lot of time to produce from the concept, the coreography, the camera work, and the editing that this thing had to be started almost before any of the funerals. It was uploaded in the last week of June, only two weeks after the alleged attack on the Pulse nightclub. The only word that fits anyone who would dream this up to promote Orlando--Jackass.

The video below is from the YouTube channel of Parisian woman Serebra Sena. Ms. Sena's research reveals who brainstormed this promotion for the city of Orlando.






Entry Date: July 14, 2016

There is a lot of good software out there that can support stronger security for your system, help solve chronic system problems, and provide a smoother surfing experience. What follows are reviews of three of these, Glary Utilities, the AOL Shield browser, and Bitdefender's Traffic Light detector of contaminated Web pages.

AOL used Google Chrome's platform to reconfigure the browser with unique security features. Shield scrambles keystrokes so that they would be gibberish to a keylogger. I would prefer a keylogger detector, but this is an effective defense should one get placed on your computer. This renders it useless for online keystrokes, such as inputting passwords. Off-line keystrokes are still vulnerable. Shield will not let Web pages contaminated by malware to load. Screen grab protection keeps hackers from taking screen captures from your computer. In addition to the security, AOL Shield is one of the smoothest browsers to use. There are few freezes and Shield is very fast. I almost immediately made Shield a default browser. You cannot use CClean or Glary Utilities to clean the excess files and junk from your computer that accumulates from accessing the Internet. You must clean those temporary files with a routine built into Shield. This is a good browser. It might even be a great browser.


Bitdefender has a free app that protects your computer from surfing into sites contaminated by malware. Trafficlight kept me out of bad sites twice by blocking the site from coming through and asking the user if the user wants taken to a safe site, which is the user's homepage. This app is downloadable at the Bitdefender main site. It works and doesn't interfere with surfing until you get onto a dangerous page. The trackers on each page are also identified. Use this app if you aren't using AOL Shield. There are versions for Firefox and Chrome, but not Internet Explorer. I use it on my Toshiba that does not have AOL Shield.


Glary Utilities is a collection of cleaning utilities that remove large, duplicate, and Internet Temporary files along with "tracks" that get placed on your computer as you surf the Internet. There is an overwrite utility that renders files incapable of being restored, a disk defragmenter utility, and a Registry backup and recovery system. The latter capability can help users of Windows 7 who suddenly can't open their computers with the right password as their "profile can't be loaded." This is usually a registry error, and once you have restarted in Safe Mode can use this Glary feature to restore you Registry to the back-up you have on file. There is also the ability to encrypt individual files. Programs with available free security updates are also flagged with an alert on the dashboard and also a pop-up alert. A lot of these utilities are free, but the PRO version, which is paid for, provides a lot of bang for the buck. Try the open source version for awhile, and try the paid version while it is on a special discount price for the first year. It is well worth a try.


Entry Date: July 6, 2016

Meet the new friends I meet at the local coffee house for an hour or so before the 11:30 AM Mass. Yes, there are some guys in Oil City older than I am!







Entry Date: June 30, 2016

The alleged mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, allegedly by the employee of a government contractor, Omar Mateen, who was several times investigated for suspected Al Qaeda/ISIS sympathies, has resurfaced a legal and Constitutional debate over federal gun control legislation concerning individuals on the "No-Fly List" and "Suspected Terrorist List" maintained by federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The primary tool employed in compiling the lists includes the use of Threat Assessment Software, which is used to analyze data about an individual that produces a report of the probability that the targeted individual would engage in some terrorist act. I imagine that one person could be on both lists as terrorists allegedly attacked on 9/11, so they would be on the "Suspected Terrorist List," and they were terrorists who allegedly attacked airliners in flight, so would be on the "No-Fly List" as well. There has always been an problem with these lists that have gone underreported by the media. In the previous post below, I eluded to the fact, well known by all Members of Congress (MC) and the Senate, that the FBI does not want rejection of firearms purchases based on the individuals being on either of the lists. When MC Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House of Representatives, just prior to the Obama Administration and in its first two years, no such bills were permitted to be presented for a vote. The old Assault Weapons Control Statute (it just regulated the guns, it didn't ban them), passed by a previous Republican majority Congress, was not reinstated during Speaker Pelosi's tenure either after the law's sunset date.

In addition to the FBI's investigative objections to gun control statutes based on the "lists," there are problems the federal court system has with both the "No-Fly List" and the "Suspected Terrorist List." While the House Democrats were protesting the lack of legislation prohibiting gun purchases by people on the "lists," and accusing the Republicans of, in the words of Senator Elizabeth Warren, "the Senate GOP have decided to sell weapons to ISIS" and when MC Jerry Nadler tweeted that the opponents of such a bill were using "due process as an excuse to support mass murder," federal courts had already ruled that the "lists" are unconstituional violations of due process of law. Columnists Nat Hentoff and Nick Hentoff had this to write about the lawmakers' behavior:

"House Democrats took a page out of Donald Trump's playbook by using ad hominem attacks, fear-mongering, and deliberate disinformation in a cynical, shortsighted attempt to score political points at the expense of Americans' Constitutional rights."

The Congress cannot hope to pass a gun control bill that will stand up to the scrutiny of the courts if they use "lists" that are, as the US District Court found in two rulings, "stigmatizing" Americans as suspected terrorists and banning them from international travel without providing any notice to the citizen stigmatized, and without any legal hearing or proceeding, all of which are violations of the Constitution.

In point of fact, it can be argued that the "No-Fly List" and the "Suspected Terrorist List" are nothing more than modern versions of the Bill of Attainder. Bills of Attainder are prohibited in Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution. In The Constitution of the United States: Its Sources and Applications, Thomas James Norton defines Bills of Attainder as follows: "A Bill of Attainder in England was an act of Parliament by which a man ("person" today) was tried, convicted, and disposed of without a jury, without a hearing in court, and without regard for the rules of evidence." Kings of England used bills of attainder when a targeted victim could not be charged with any kind of crime. When a person is put on a secret government list it is done without jury, a hearing in court, and without regard for the rules of evidence. The "lists" are bills of attainder. Period. If the government has suspicions of someone being a terrorist, the grand jury should be consulted and presented with the evidence of the suspicions in order to obtain an indictment of the suspect. From there, the prosecution begins as an indictment is probable cause to proceed to prosecution. The grand jury, by bringing a True Bill of Indictment, is commanding that the prosecution take place. That is how things are supposed to be done. If the authorities do not want to proceed because they do not want to inform groups of terrorists that an investigation is underway, then lists can be kept by law enforcement as an investigative method, but the lists can't be used to punish a suspect by denying travel or any other right under the Constitution.

People should remember that Senator Edward Kennedy's name wound up on the "No-Fly List," so it is not that hard to get on one of these things. It is tougher to get off them.


Entry Date: June 19, 2016

People were probably surprised that I waited this long to post anything about the attack, but I was busy gathering as many facts about it as I could. This one has a lot of confusing and contradictory claimed facts, and even more bizarre supporting imagery. I won't get into all of that now. There are other venues that can do this for most people. Suffice it to say that I once presented a list of conditional aspects of a reported mass shooting or bombing that should be treated as "Red Flags" concerning the veracity of the reports. I have to tell you that most of those contingencies are present in this story, so it is only prudent and responsible for the viewer of news to try to maintain an objective state of mind as it is impossible for nearly all of us to really know the truth of what happened. News stories on television, after all, are not acceptable in court as proof of anything.

What I want to explain in this post is the reason that no Congress since 2009 has either voted at all on any bill to deny gun sales to people on the "No Fly List" or the "Suspected Terrorist List." Keep in mind, from 2008-2010, the Democratic Party controlled Congress and no such legislation was considered at that time, just as it is only being considered now. In today's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, political writer Salena Zito, in an op ed piece titled Orlando Attack Re-Exposes the Great American Divide, Ms. Zito explains why gun sales to people on those two security lists have never been banned:

"The last time I checked, Democrats controlled Congress and the Presidency in 2009 and 2010 and they never allowed either of those measures (semi-automatic weapons ban and no gun sales to people on "the lists") to go to the House or Senate floors for a vote.

"The reason they never passed gun sales ban for people on any watch lists is that law enforcement doesn't want it. Last week, the FBI director's leadership team reinforced what the director himself said in 2015--that passing a law to prevent gun-buying by people on the terror watch list or the no-fly list would make terrorism suspects aware of their status an blow a potential investigation.

"To have an effective AR-15 ban, as Democrats are calling for, you would need to confiscate the guns that are out there. The proponents know that, but hate to admit it. Sixty million semi-automatic weapons are legally owned in the United States. Banning sales going forward would be inconsequential and confiscation would be wildly unpopular."

It should be added that, everytime the politicians grandstand, especially in election cycles, to "do something" about AR-15s, the sales of the weapons skyrocket, which only adds to their 60-million plus problem. Political grandstanding won't get anything done about the problem, and most "public policy" solutions to crime do nothing to address what is in the heart and soul of each individual. I own a semi-automatic rifle, and have since 1998. I fired it once as I have other things to do that I enjoy more, and cleaning the thing is a drag. It is a Mini-14, which uses a more complex WWII Garand mechanism. There are fewer parts in an AR-15, and they are more accessible. People should know that Omar Mateen used a Sig-Sauer MCX rifle, far more expensive and sophisticated than the AR-15, which can fire more than one caliber of cartridge.

About the most effective immediate response in the direction most of the Democrats want is to limit magazine capacity for the weapons. Most people do not use the AR-15 weapons for much more than target shooting. If you showed up to a Deer Hunter's breakfast around here with any kind of military-styled gun, except maybe an '03 Springfield, you would be ridiculed savagely. A 10-round magazine suffices for most civilian purposes, and magazine controls are NOT gun bans. A magazine is only an accessory to such a weapon, and not the weapon itself. I think these regulations, including banning flash suppressors on civilian models of the weapon are also Constitutional. I don't think any of the civilian versons of the AR-15 have a lug to accept a bayonet, so why bring it up? You are just giving the wrong people more ideas by talking about it, along with detachable M-203 grenade launchers (I call them "mini-mortars") which are already controlled as "destructive devices." You will still have higher-capacity magazines out there, and they will remain in use for some time to come as what was purchased when legal cannot be declared illegal today under the ex post facto provisions in the Constitution. The present owners of the magazines cannot be criminalized for owning them after any ban is enacted. We went through this during the legal life of a previous "Assault Weapons Ban" statute before it hit the sunset date.

There are things that are inexplicable about this attack, but it will take time to compile all of them. The embedded video below, a statement from feminist writer and speaker Namoi Wolf, will give everyone a head start.






Entry Date: June 8, 2016

This year's work at the family's cemetery section in Brady's Bend, Pennsylvania involved more planning and preparations than previous years. Because of the problem of soil erosion in front of some of the headstones, caused by annual plantings, the work would include adding topsoil and grass seed to those areas. Flowers would be displayed in planters, which means we have to hope no one walks off with them! It is necessary to promote recovery of the soil on the gravesites. Some cemeteries are banning plantings directly on the graves because of this problem. With weather in May unsettled in recent years, and cemetery crews sometimes not able to cut the grass for weeks because of rain, a push mower was added to the tools. The mower was ordered through Walmart, which was selling the unit for $65.00, a real bargain. I found room for it in the hall closet without even having to remove the handle. It turned out the mower was needed as the grass was too long to make the plot look finished after cleaning the headstones, raking, and setting up the planters. My father usually cut the grass with a power mower when we decorated the graves in past years, but a push mower is quite adequate for this task and a good substitute for a daily workout.


The water jugs are for cleaning headstones and watering flowers.

Grass seed and other supplies.

The push mower.




Entry May 15, 2016

There have been videos of ISIS leaders threatening all kinds of terrorist attacks against the United States and Europe. Three of these "jihadis" were later exposed as being fakes, although the mainstream media didn't do any follow-up to find out such boring details as who the hell hired these talentless idiots in the first place. Before we get to the embedded videos about these fakes, al Bagdadi and Adam Gadahn, et al., I thought it might be a good idea to show what might happen to one of these frauds if he ever had to go out and interview for a real job.

INTERVIEWER: Thanks for coming in to talk to us.

FAKE TERRORIST: I'm really interested in this opportunity. I'm kind of out of work right now.

INTERVIEWER: What were you doing before this?

FAKE TERRORIST: I made a few videos that were on YouTube for awhile.

INTERVIEWER: Isn't that just a hobby?

FAKE TERRORIST: Mine made the network evening news a few times. I played a leader of the ISIS terrorist group.

INTERVIEWER: Why would you do that? Did someone hire you to make these videos?

FAKE TERRORIST: Uh, it's just something I did, you know? I can't talk about it.

INTERVIEWER: Oh, I see. Well, thanks again for coming in today. See my secretary if you need parking validated.


 The first of these fake Al Qaeda terrorists we will spotlight is ADAM GADHAN, aka AZZAM THE AMERICAN, aka ADAM PEARLMAN. Adam Pearlman is the fake terrorist's real name, and his background, along with that of Yousef al-Khattab, follows in the first embedded video.





As you can clearly see in the above video, the backgrounds of "Adam Gadahn" and "Yousef al-Khattab" indicate that they are nothing but crisis actors hired to produce bogus terrorist videos to manipulate the opinions of the American public. In one case, the next embedded video, we see "Gadahn/Pearlman" advocate for US Gun Control regulations to eliminate the "Gun Show Loophole" in existing law. "Gadahn" declares that Al Qaeda loves the gun show loophole (and the NRA!) because the loophole makes it easy for terrorists to buy guns in the United States; however, one has to wonder why an Al Qaeda terrorist would trumpet that notion for the entire world to hear, and also the gun control lobbies in the US to use as evidence of the need to eliminate the gun show loophole. "Gadahn" is giving this Al Qaeda advantage away, and enabling American organizations and politicians, seeking stringent gun controls, to eliminate this claimed Al Qaeda advantage. It makes no sense except "Gadahn/Pearlman" is really providing propaganda to help gun control advocates and politicians in the US to argue that gun controls are the way to prevent terrorists from buying guns. This is similar to what were the anticipated effects of the "Fast and Furious" operation of the US Government, which was a secret operation to run guns from the southwest United States to drug cartels in Mexico in order to use the resulting bloodbaths as an excuse for more gun control regulations in the United States. "Adam Gadahn/Adam Pearlman" was an agent of the US Government and not a terrorist at all. "Gadahn" was just a two-dimensional terrorist that was seen only in two-dimensional videos. It was all fake to promote the War on Terror, create arguments for stringent gun controls within America, and to advance the political standing of incumbent elected office holders in the federal government of the United States.





What follows are the contradictory and confused reports about what happened to "Gadahn/Pearlman" between 2008 and 2015, when the government released the "news" that "Adam Gadahn" was arrested in Pakistan in January 2010." That, as we will see, must have been tough as the mainstream media reported in 2008 that "Gadahn" had been killed in the Waziristan section of Afghanistan. Now, in 2010, the dead terrorist was captured in Pakistan. After a few years of YouTube videos exposing the dead, arrested terrorist as being a secret agent of the United States, and really a Jewish "Death Metal" musician (maybe the last word should be in quotes too), we hear that he was killed yet again in 2015. It gets confusing, I know, so maybe this image of the various events in the life of the terrorist Zarqawi might help the challenge of keeping all the contradictory stories of Gadahn's life straight. These constantly changing stories are all part of trying to navigate the unending "War on Terror."


You can add another time Zarqawi was killed, I believe in 2014 in Yemen with a drone strike. Zarqawi was alleged to have been "Number 2" to Osama bin Laden, yet another cartoon-like figure.


This video presents how Gadahn was captured in January 2010, after being killed in 2008 in Waziristan





This post reports the most recent killing of Gadahn/Pearlman





 The next post about this matter will describe how top ISIS leader al-Bagdadi is also a crisis actor playing a role as ISIS terrorist leader, complete with a similar biography to both Adam Gadahn/Pearlman and Yousef al-Khattab.



Entry Date: May 3, 2016

According to previously released Paris ISIS attack footage, there was a male nurse present at the cafe the "terrorist" attacked with his suicide bomb belt. The nurse claimed that he gave the suicide bomber CPR. Keep in mind that the media, in releasing the "new" CCTV footage from the cafe, claimed the terrorist was blown in half. I can't imagine any qualified nurse giving someone who was blown in half CPR. As usual, one party or the other is lying, and we should always remember that sometimes crisis actors can forget their lines, or "call an audible," although it is usually not a good idea to ad lib when your director works for the Pentagon or some spy agency.

For a rundown on the nurse's CPR story, click on the video below. There is no limit to the incompetence displayed by those harassing us with fake bombings, fake shootings, fake terrorist attacks, and the required terrible crisis acting, like poor Abdeslam in the video below, who is wearing a face full of white Kabuki dancer's make-up for some stupid reason.










Entry Date: April 30, 2016

After the "mainstream" media was able to produce airport CCTV footage of the alleged Brussels suicide bombers within hours of the incident, it took six months for authorities to release CCTV footage of one of the incompetent Paris ISIS suicide bombers blowing himself in half in the middle of a packed cafe, while causing no discernible damage to the cafe, and killing no one but himself, like his incompetent comrades at the soccer stadium. This is ridiculous. When Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg attempted the assassination bombing of Hitler in 1944, the plan revolved around planting a bomb of plastic explosives hidden in a briefcase inside the windowless concrete "Wolf's Lair" Hitler bunker in East Prussia. The plotters all being military men, they knew that the energy from such an explosion would have no outlet inside a windowless, steel-reinforced concrete bunker like Hitler's. Nearly anyone close to it would be torn apart by the supersonic shockwave generated by the detonation, which would have nowhere to dissipate itself. Blast through air is an inefficent technique to produce destruction. Hand grenades generate such a shockwave, but when thrown outside of a building, the shockwave spreads out into the air, "diluted" in a manner of speaking. A German stick grenade from WWII could cause a shockwave that could kill a soldier with little cover from the grenade by bursting blood vessels in the soldier's lungs, causing the soldier to drown. Since this is not always the result, particularly when fighting outdoors, shrapnel is an added result of a grenade explosion that can wound or kill the enemy. The anti-Hitler plotters like von Stauffenberg knew all of this and counted on Hitler holding the conference in the concrete Hitler bunker, but Hitler moved it to a wooden building with all the windows open. Hitler survived the explosion as did most of the men in the conference room with him. Keep this in mind watching this footage from these two YouTube videos. This blast is indoors, not outside, and cafe patrons are inches away from a bomb that throws a shockwave, and is also packed with bolts and/or nails as shrapnel to increase the probability of killing and injuring as many bystanders as possible. No one is killed, nor does anyone react as if they were injured in any way. This video is the result of six months of incompetent application of modern computer graphics onto digital video footage. Why this ridiculous thing was produced in the first place is the real mystery here.











Entry Date: April 21, 2016

I wasn't sure how right my initial impression of Ted Cruz's phony-looking and sounding warning to Donald Trump to lay off his wife really was. It is a bit extreme to declare an election campaign a total fake, with most of the candidates being crisis actors of some kind, but the Establishment can pretty much stage anything for the television cameras, including a fake Republican Convention in 2012 which I heard a former alternate delegate to that convention describe on a radio program early this morning along with political commentator James Perloff. Rachael McIntosh was an alternate delegate from Rhode Island representing a convention vote for the candidate Ron Paul. The presumptive nominee of the GOP that year was the political Ken doll, Mitt Romney. At the time the convention started, Ron Paul could be placed in nomination since he won five primaries and caucuses earlier in 2012. By the time all of the maneuvering was over, Ron Paul couldn't even give a speech unless the speech was approved in advance by party bigshots, an offer Congressman Paul rejected.

This convention was entirely staged. Things happened, some right in front of the press box, including hockey game style fights between Romney and Paul supporters, that were not covered by the media. As a representative of The Blaze, Glenn Beck's right-wing network, put it to Rachael: "This does not fit the prescripted narrative." Believe it or not, the "prescripted narrative" included a fake hurricane. This was Hurricane Issac, which caused nothing in Tampa but some rain. Before the appearance of this "hurricane," during which flights were still leaving Tampa Airport, Ron Paul was scheduled to speak that day. Reince Priebus, who is still running the Republican National Committee (and whose name reminds me of some Star Wars villain), and got himself tangled up in the Trump vs. Cruz delegate controversy recently, called a delay to the convention due to the fake hurricane. Soon, those delegates who suddenly had nothing to do, got treated to a movie about Mitt Romney. Suddenly, applause could be heard all over the convention hall for the Romney puff movie. None of the delegates were applauding. The applause was "piped in," an electronic "special effect." The media said nothing about it. Why would anyone applaud a movie about someone who is about as exciting as a department store mannequin? The evening after the delay of the convention for the fake hurricane, Priebus and the boys changed all the convention rules so that a candidate had to win eight primaries or caucuses to be placed in nomination. That would finish Ron Paul, but there still had to be a vote of the delegates to change the rules. As Rachael McIntosh found out, it is hard for a delegation to vote against a rule change when their bus from the hotel spends two hours orbiting the convention center while the vote for the rule change is being held. Ron Paul was not placed in nomination as he won five primaries or caucuses during the nomination campaign, not eight. Mitt Romney was coronated by the convention as the GOP candidate that fall, a candidate who could not win after being whipped in the last CNN-staged debate by debate moderator, Candy Crowley.

To hear all the details about Rachael McIntosh's experiences, and James Perloff's analysis of this year's campaigns for the Republican and Democrat Presidential nominations, hit the link below, along with links to Rachael McIntosh's and James Perloff's Web sites.






Entry Date: April 16, 2016

Photo of Deb Sobina, the third from the left, whom I first met in 1981 and is still a good friend today.


To: All the friends I made while in Clarion University's Graduate Business program in the early 1980s---

Reuben Whitehead and the gang from Campbell Hall in the summer of 1981.

Julie McCauley, Jill Thomas, Tracy Brickner, Virginia Fetzner, Kelley and Karey Carr, Kathy Wasilko, Ann Renee Leitzinger, Mary Ellen Liddek, Lisa ("El") Greco and many, many more.

In Memoriam--Marlene Zuck, BS-Accounting 1982


IT MIGHT BE YOU -- Stephen Bishop


Dana Still Hall, the Business Building at Clarion University, once known as "St. Elsewhere."


WHAT ARE WE DOING IN LOVE? --Kenny Rogers and Dottie West

SUDDENLY --Olivia Newton John and Cliff Richard

HUNGRY HEART --Bruce Springsteen

KISS ON MY LIST --Hall and Oates

CELEBRATION -- Kool and the Gang

MORNING TRAIN --Sheena Easton

RAPTURE --Blondie


THE BOY FROM NEW YORK CITY --Manhattan Transfer


YOU MAKE MY DREAMS --Hall and Oates

ARTHUR'S THEME --Christopher Cross




EBONY AND IVORY --Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder



PRIVATE EYES --Hall and Oates

KEY LARGO --Bertie Higgins


65 LOVE AFFAIR --Paul Davis

DID IT IN A MINUTE --Hall and Oates

ST. ELSEWHERE --Dave Grusin